Michigan Liquor License Broker

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State Certified Liquor License Broker

Michigan Liquor License Broker

Are you wondering how and where to get a Michigan Liquor License? SLD Realty Inc is an experienced liquor licensing broker, facilitator,  and consultant based in Traverse City, Michigan. We have liquor licenses for sale, and have 3 decades of experience transferring and buying a state liquor license.

So what is our value proposition? We save you time and money!

We save you time in understanding the complex nuances of state liquor laws that could undermine a sale. Since we are well connected with multiple buyers and sellers, we take the guesswork out of where to start the transfer process.

Acquiring a license can be a complicated process.The changing fine print and requirements of state liquor boards can overwhelm those unfamiliar with selling a liquor license. SLD Realty Inc stays abreast of the most current MLCC standards.

This allows our customers to focus on running their business instead of spending valuable time researching complex liquor laws. We pride ourselves on reducing the stress out of transferring / selling / buying liquor licenses.

Our satisfaction guarantee can be seen in our pay for performance business model. SLD Realty Inc saves you money with flat fee pricing that allows you to more fully realize the increase in revenues that buying a liquor license can create. SLD Realty Inc is only paid an affordable flat fee upon successfully selling or buying your Michigan liquor license.

This aligns our business interests with that of our Michigan clientele. We have the incentive to acquire or sell your liquor licensing in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Our clients appreciate this exceptional value given the tight profit margins, rising costs, and hectic schedules of the beverage industry.

As an Owner operated company, SLD Realty Inc  customer service facilitates the purchase, sale and transfer of MLCC licenses. We promptly return phone calls and proactively advise according to each client’s unique situation.

Call Steve at (231) 946-7135 for an initial consultation.
You can email Steve here: sdornbos@baycom.com